Why Foster with us?

Why foster?

Fostering a child or children can be a very rewarding process.

It is a life choice that can really make a difference to a child’s life which could open up new positive experiences for them and for you.

If you have already thought about Fostering, it means that you already have some of the great characteristics that would be essential for a Foster Carer.  One of the main reasons people become Foster Carers is a desire to help change a young persons life. 

Personality attributions play a huge part in how rewarding you will find being a foster carer.  Patience and understanding is vital in your new role as a foster parent as you may be placed in some challenging positions…. but with the right team behind you, or indeed a village of professionals, you will find you make many happy memories in your fostering journey.

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Why are children placed into care?

There can be many reasons why a child is placed into foster care, this can include:

  • Parent Illness or Death
  • Neglect and/or abandonment
  • Physical or Emotional Abuse
  • Voluntary care placement

Sometimes Local Authorities are looking for safe placements for children who find themselves in the UK as unaccompanied asylum seekers, or are looking for placements for young parents with children who need someone to help and guide them through those first tricky stages of adapting to life with their own child.

What happens when a child is taken into care?

When a child is placed into care, the local authority is called in to assess the child’s situation and the level of danger they are in. The local authority will contact us at Fostering Connections to ask if we have a suitable home for the child being taken into care. Our highly trained matching team will then begin to liaise with our Foster Carers and the local authority to make sure that a placement can be made which provides security and safety for the child.

Can you Foster?

Why don’t you contact one of the team to discuss this further.  We can arrange a time to discuss you joining Fostering Connections and start the process of a really rewarding life choice.

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